What is the purpose of having a VAT field in every customer card?

It is understandable that an individual VAT field (or GST in some countries) is required for every vendor because some small vendors do not incur this charges and some oversea vendors may have difference rate.

However, why is there a need to have an individual VAT field for every customer since my company will be charging the same rate for every customer, be they are small or big, local or oversea?

Is there any exceptional case or reason for putting a VAT field for every customer? I am asking this because we are thinking of hard-coding VAT rate into every customer card to improve productivity (one less field to fill up) and avoid mistake (accidently selecting the wrong value)


Boon Hong.


Basically Navision always works on the setup and it has been designed in such way that if rate changes for any specific customer then that part should also handle.

Now if in your case if you want vat field to be filed automatically on every customer card then you can write the code on Insert trigger of Customer table.

Unless we can charge difference VAT rate for difference customers (is there such cases???), I will be keen to find out what is the purpose for having VAT business posting group field in the the customer card. A good example will be helpful.

Here you can specify a VAT business posting group for the customer. The code specifies to which VAT business posting group this particular customer belongs.

When you post transactions that involve this customer, the program uses this code in combination with a VAT product posting group code to find the VAT %, the VAT calculation type and the VAT accounts in the VAT Posting Setup window.