what is the physical reduction?


can you define what is the Physical reduction if i check this what happen?

and if mark check for what purpose?

If you are auto-posting the picking journal and tick this box if you need 10 and only have 8 available it will only post 8. Physically reducing the transaction to what you have available. It all depends how you are posting pick journals, controlling your stock etc.

the best way is to untick the box and it will not auto reducing item right?

Well it depends upon the process, if you have 8 in stock, forward flush and auto-post but need to consume 10 it will error as you do not have the stock. If you backflush I am not sure it matters at start because there is no consumption, if you manual flush it does not matter - I do not believe this impacts on the suggestion unless it is auto-posted at start from the start operation.

For me I dont really like auto-flushing, and I would never tick this flag because most businesses dont have 100% stock accuracy and reducing it to what the system thinks I have over what I actually have is not something I recommend.