What is the Effect of Unapplied BR-Voucher in GL and Cust Ledger

Hi All,

i have bank receipt voucher no 1656 that is posted with knock off customer invoices and after some days i open customer ledger entries and select this voucher & click on function >> Unapply Entries >> Unapply then all invoices removed from applied entries of this voucher & all amt showing -ve as per below image:-


but it is not removed from cust ledger entries it is showing total of above amt as per below screen :-


i want to know it is correct or not because other correct vouchers showing credit amt in cust ledgr rpt and can i post another BR to knock same invoices again.

Pls suggest me i will very thank full to you.


How many Invoice were applied to the BR ?


Thanx for ur reply.

Twelve invoices.

Check the remaining amount field and not the original amount field…

Amol Sir,

Thanx 4 ur reply,

Remaining amt also showing same in -ve. And i also checked cust ledger entry report that does not showing any difference after removal of applied enteries.

Its correct Bank Receipt voucher will show -ve amount.

Effect in G/L & Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry will have multiple entries of application & Unapplication.

If you navigate the BR entry you can check.

I suggest that you need to understand how navision posting the credit & debit amount during various transactions.

Once you unapplied then all invoices & payment entry will reopen again.