What is the datatype of picture variable in report level?

Actually I am trying to capture three different signature pictures of Prepared By, Checked By and Released By respectively in a same section of PO report. I would like to know the datatype of picture variable in report level. Kindly suggest the solution.

Create a BLOB type filed in the user setup table and import the signature user wise. and print those signature.

Hi Sanjoy,

I have already imported the signatures and printed the three different signatures in different sections of PO report. But I want to print the signatures in same section (Purchase Line, Footer) to get all the signatures in a single line.

I think there should not be any problem to print multiple signature in a section. Just place them one by one.

It won’t print at a time. Last recod only be printed. To print each user ID’s signature(Rleased By, Checked By & Prepared By), it has to go and take from User setup table. To do so, it is to be stored in different variables(type:picture). But i am not aware of any datatype for pictures variables in report level.

Here’s a method that might work for you. Create 3 global variables for the User Setup record. Use the first one for the ReleasedBy signature, the second for the CheckedBy, and the third for the PreparedBy. At some point in your code before the signature section prints, GET the right record for each of the three tables. I’m sure you know this because you haven’t mentioned that the signature isn’t printing, but be sure to execute a CALCFIELDS function on each of the signature fields for each of the three User Setup records right after you GET the records.

In the section where you want to print the signatures, change the source expression for each of the three signature controls so that the first one uses UserSetup1.signature, the second one uses UserSetup2.signature, and the third one uses UserSetup3.signature.

In the dataitems list for the report, you’ll probably want to change the dataitem for UserSetup to Integer, limit MaxIterations to 1, and use the OnAfterGetRecord for that dataitem to correctly get the right records for each of the three UserSetup records. Also, be sure to INIT them at the top of each loop so you won’t accidentally see signatures from the previous document.

Hope that helps.

Hi George,

Thank you very much. This is working fine…

That works like a charm, Thanks George