What is the best way to change ID of objects?

Hello I would to change the ID of an object. What is the best way to do that comp Tools provide a renumbering module, but you must remember all the object refer to the object you want to change, refer by table relation, flowfield, … To save all these objects into a text file … If you change the Id manually, you must too remember all object Is there a method where all reference are automatically modified ?? Thx

I’ve used the renumbering tool supplied on the Navision CD a dozen of times and it has always done a pretty good job recalculating all the object references everywhere. ###### tarek_demiati@ureach.com

Hi Geoffrey, The best solution you have is to use renumbering tool only. A few scenarios: 1. In case you want to increment/decrement the existing object IDs you have the option to do so using it perfectly. 2. In case you want to assign new ID to every existing object, then a simple approach is to copy the names/nos. of existing objects into Excel sheet and assign new Nos. there and when you are finished, just to reassign the new ID only to the object and the tool does the rest for u. I personally feel the tool is best solution in whatever scenario. Regards