What is the approach to print 'Customer's VAT TIN' on SalesPackingslip Report

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Now i’m working on SalesPackingSlip report in ax 2012.

Requirement : display Customer’s VAT TIN on report.

By using this below code, i have achieved the requirement. It’s working fine. But i would like to know the programmer approach to write below code to achieve this requirement. How this below line of code fetch the TIN number? Can anyone kindly clear my confusion with explaining this below code.

Used Code:

salesPackingSlipHeaderTmp.CustomerVATTIN = TaxRegistrationNumbers_IN::find(TaxInformation_IN::findDefaultbyLocation(custTable::find(custPackingSlipJour.OrderAccount).postalAddress().Location).TIN).RegistrationNumber;

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TaxInformation_IN::findDefaultbyLocation() returns TaxInformation_IN table buffer contains TIN field. please debug that method…!!