What is Record-ID? How its No. sequence is modified?

What is Record-ID? How its No. sequence is modified?

becoz when i am having some inventory transaction system created a record with some number…my system gives me error showing “Number Sequence” is exceed.

How can i change or increase that no.

Recid is a unique identifier of a record (uniqueness is per table from AX 2009). There wont be any setup to modify the recId sequence, the kernel will handle the recId generation.

The record ID is an int64 data type value. The range in which record IDs are allocated is from 5637144576 to 2^63 (9223372036854775808). So i don’t think you will get short of this sequence.

I dont think this is due to recId, when exaclty the error gets populated?

Hello Kranthi,

Thanks for Info.

Actually I am increasing the stock of an item with Quantity Adjustment method, after clicking OK the error is populated…

(I could not attach the image hence m texting the error)

“Number sequence 5637186063 has been exceeded”

Hi Nitin,

The error means the Largest limit / value set against this particular number sequence has been exceeded. To resolve this issue, you need to -

  • Find out actual number sequence &
  • Increase the Largest value

Dear Harish,

Where do i find this no. sequence?

I tried in all module but i can’t (m working in AX 2012)

Dear All,

Please find the error.

2110.untitled.bmp (3 MB)

Hi Nitin,

Number sequences form available under Organisation administration > Common.

Hope you know which number sequence to modify.

Hi Nitin,

Check the number sequence of inventtransid. You can check that in Inventory management module with name Lot No. sequence.

Also check the number sequence in inventdim. this two are the sequences which are used in inventory journals, though other sequences may be involved.


Hye Parnav,

The same error happened with me in Transfer Order.
Please advice.

To solve this Number sequence Exceeded issue:

Go to AOT–> Data dictionary–>Tables–>NumbersequenceTable–>Open

Paste the obtained No in the Recid field U’ll get a record, U’ll get the Module name in NumberSequence Field. Go to that specific Module, Setup–> Module Parameters–>Number sequence. U’ll find the obtained code in Number sequenc code. Then go ahead in changing the highest no.

Hi Karthik,

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