what is purpose of inventory 'registration'

Hi there,

I notice there is a button called ‘registration’ under ‘Inventory’ button, what is the purpose of ‘registration’ ?


Are you referring inventory model group or PO?

Please elaborate ypur question in detail.


Prior to the receipt of stock you can “register” it into stock with the dimension defined, a bit like a half-way house - the returns use it and you can use it on purchase orders, like the picking list registration step really. Can be bypassed if the system knows all the required settings, but is used as a process step/control.

I am referring to ‘Regristation’ in PO

The answer is still valid, you register quantities and dimensions, and then another department received based upon the registered information. You can force the registration process through the stock model group.

Got. thanks Adam

Hi I found this topic today and I have almost the same question . I would like to know once we register item from Inventory or even PO, then in the standard AX , it should update the physical inventory or not ? I am using AX 2012 R1. Thanks.

Yes it should update physical inventory as you physically have it.