what is process for Debit note or Credit note for rate difference


Can you please tell me what is the process for debit note or credit note for rate difference, the difference amount must be effect the inventory.


Can you state the business scenario which you are facing. Inventory costing in AX is tightly integrated and so the solution will differ as per business requirement.


Thank you Pranav for your responce…

This business scenario is belongs to seed vertical… we buy the raw seed from farmers, then immediately will pay some initial amount to them as per our agreements, to that same amount will raise the invoice. After seed Quality Checking, will fix the different rate to different farmers according the QC result, it may be increase or decrease of the earlier invoice payment. So presently we are doing this adjustment through Journal Voucher entry, but with this entry the inventory cost won’t update, so that we are not getting the exact cost to the finished product. Can you please give me the solution.