What is MBS stratagy?

Hi, I found Very interesting Job posting on the Monster.com. US-WA-Redmond-Software Development Engineer Just two quotes:


From the job description
Microsoft Business Solutions Division is looking for star performers to join a hot new development effort in its small business applications organization. The initiative is focused on building a low end business mgt application targeted at small businesses world wide (1-25 employees).


From the requirements
Knowledge of Microsoft Navision Axapta technology is ideal but not required.

As I remember before Microsoft positioned Axapta for companies with 100-1500 users and Navision for companies up to 250 users. Have you heard about any changes in positioning of systems?

Job ads has always been a very good source to find out about a company. I remember when they in 1990 where looking for programmers with Windows experience… It still took them 5 years to present a product. I don’t exactly know what they are looking for here, but it is interesting. My guess is that what they are planning on here is to create a replacement for C5 and also other of small size companies of the MBS group. They do really not have an up-to-date product for this market. And with the requirements on Axapta, then they might be basing the product on Axapta. Not a bad choice since this is the most up-to-date technology of all the MBS products.

Well… they’re also having this one…


Do you understand business software applications in the financial/distribution/project accounting reporting areas? Do you have strong business development skills? Microsoft Business Solutions Consulting Group is looking for a very experienced Senior-level Consultant who likes to work with clients and can provide solution-oriented services to the end users of our software. Based out of our Atlanta, Georgia office The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications: Demonstrated experience in consulting for Microsoft Business Solutions Financial, ERP, and CRM implementations, including Solomon, Great Plains, and Navision Familiarity with FRx, Crystal Reports and have advanced level knowledge in the following areas: application architecture, Microsoft SQL, custom development analysis and design in a business applications environment Project planning/management skills Business development skills are highly desirable Knowledge of Solomon, Great Plains, and Navision is desirable Undergraduate degree in Accounting/Business/MIS, or equivalent work experience is required

apertierra, You found different add. Your quote from add for “Senior Applications Consultant - Business Solutions”

Yup… it’s for a consultant… but as you can see… it’s also based on other requirements… that joint with the 1-25 users thing on the developer forum makes me thing that on navision they’re thinking on creating a new software for small companies while keeping navision something to do with navision for bigger ones… :slight_smile: Regards,

From a devils advocate perspective…What if it’s simply to replace prior existing individuals that have gotten fed up with organizational changes? Not that I have any proof, but what if this simply restocking of talent? We can what if all we want, but I have a hard time believing that they are going to create a brand new product to focus on the low end of the market when they’ve already got products that can address it currently…albeit with some adjustments in the pricing. My two cents…

I also remember someone telling me that on the latest tech conference in Denmark Microsoft announced the development of a low-end product. I ask myself then what role Navision will play in the future: at the moment Axapta also addresses smaller companies, say about 25 conc. users although Microsoft says they are not supposed to. I recently was told that the avarage Axapta license is for 25 conc. users and for Navision 18 con. users! So far for positioning products by size [;)] If a product positioned lower than Navision will be introduced below Navision, their partners will try to sell it to companies bigger than the target, being the target of Navision partners. With Axapta partners downselling that leaves little market for Navision, especially with current prizes… I notice the market also experiences this and, more important, also experiences the fact that more and more MBS partners, especially the ones who are in financial difficulty and the ones without add-ons, try to score every project in every segment in stead of forwarding it to the right partner with the right references. After a couple of demo’s this leaves many prospects with the feeling the partner does not understands it’s business and therefore not buying Navision. Although another partner might have scored this opportunity… This ofcourse is my experience in the Netherlands, maybe in other countries this is different?

What I personally find the most interesting is that this job is in Redmond. MBS’ development departments are in Fargo and Vedbaek (DK).

There are more changes acomin’. Today it was announced the Microsft’s head sales executive (Orlando Ayala) has been transferred to work “in partnership with” the current head of MBS (Doug Burgum)to improve MBS’ sales worldwide. I think we should take that as a very good sign of Microsoft’s commitment to the MBS products and the channel. It could be a very exciting ride.