Hello, anybody knows what is Microsoft Business solutions C5 ? how much it is close to NAVISION ? thank you

It is a solution made by the former Damgaard Data in Denmark; Navision Denmark bought Damgaard Data and “inherited” Concorde C5, XAL and Axapta. C5 is sold and used in Denmark, Norway and here in the Faroes (anywhere else?). C5 is a (almost) simular system as Navision - but there are a lot of differences…!

iS IT POSSIBLE TO MERGE two databases. a Navision4.0 W1 version (with some customization) with a C5 database. So one customer can work in a two diffrent companies in one single database in Navision 4.0 W1. is it feasable? [B)] or to get the missing functionality from C5 and put it in Navision 4.0 W1. is this also feasable ? any idea? thank you

Its not really possible as you describe it. What you need to do is analize the C5 implementation, and determine what functionality is needed by the users, and then convert the data to Navision, and then create the needed fucntionality in Navision. In terms of “missing functionality”, I can’t see that Concorde has anything that is not in Ver 4 Navision. So Maybe you mean customized functionality?