What is manually sync used for?


When not having all db logins as sql server logins (because some of the logins are old ones), the manually started security sync is stopped with an error.

Anyway, when changing roles, adding new logins, adding new tables etc. the changes seem to be reflected properly to the sql server, i.e. new users can login, new tables added to roles are readable, etc.

We are using Nav 4.03 standard security, Sql server 2005.

Thanks in advance


Sync Logins helps when you want to restore a database to other database and don’t have to create the logins again for the new database(old logins from original database will be used).

You must have the same logins in Navision and SQL Server then synchronize again.

Is there a workaround for old logins. We actually dont want to delete the old logins in navision, but also do not want to add these old logins to the sql server.

Anyway, is manual synchronizing really needed?


When using Standard security, the Synchronization menu option is only needed after a restore.

When editing the security tables the logins/users are automatically synchronized. This occurs only on the actual change made too, not on all entries in the table, so you should be able to have NAV users in the security tables that are not present in SQL Server - and if you don’t change them you will get no error.