what is mange code ..?


what is mange code in ax 2012…?

Do you mean managed code?

yes .

what is manged code…?

If you spell is correctly on the fourth attempt, you can simply put “managed code” to a search engine and you’ll get answers.

You can think about it as “.NET code”. Do you know what .NET is?

I have idea about ,Net it is Microsoft Frame work language…


As my knowledge .In Ax 2012 few thing developed with .Net code…

You mean .Net code is Manged code Am I Right…?

It’s a bit complicate, so I’ll try to simplify it a little…

.NET Framework is not a language. It’s a framework containing a lot of infrastructure and libraries for defining and running programs. Among other things, it defines what programming languages must support to be able to work with each other. It also provides a runtime to execute programs written in these languages (compiled to Common Intermediate Language, CIL). Such languages are called CLI-compliant, but you can also hear calling them .NET languages for simplification. But it doesn’t mean that .NET is a language.

Code capable of execution in .NET runtime environment is called managed code. It’s usually created by a CLI-compliant language such as C# or VB.NET, but it can also be generated by other means (such as CIL code generated from native X++).