What is difference between datephysical and dateexpected in Inventtrans table

We are using AX retail. For a particular day transactions we are getting different date in datephysical and dateexpected in inventtrans table. But for the same day rbotransactionsalestran table transdate field and inventtrans table expecteddate filed are same. Please let me know what is the difference between datephysical and dateexpected fields in inventtrans and also why we are getting the difference.

I don’t have idea about AX Retail.

But in general,

Date Expected and Date Physical are different in concept wise but the values may or may not be same.

Date Expected will be generally Shipment date in case of sales order and delivery date in case of purchase orders.

Date Physical is the date of physical posting into the system. In case of sales order it is the packing slip posted date.(the date when the inventory is reduced physically)

In case of inventory journals the date physical and date expected will be one and same…

Hope you understood…


I see you are using Retail.
In my experience, the dateexpected will always show the same date as the retail transactions. So it is the most reliable date to use if you’re looking for the true transaction date.
The datephysical (and datefinanical) however will show the same date as eg the invoice journal. In some cases this can be different. Eg when you use “post as business day” with a “end of business day” time that is later than midnight (eg 2:00 AM), then the invoice journal date will be one day earlier than the true transaction date.

Regards, Elsbet