What is "Configuration" in Inventory Dimension Group?

can somebody explain me what is configuration in inventory dimension group…where we can use it…give example…and what is configuration group in BOM form???

Item dimensions represent a combination of relevant physical characteristics (or attributes) that pertain to the item, including different colors, sizes and configurations. Item dimensions enable you to use a single item number to represent items that are the same but have varying physical (Visible / Non visible) characteristics. Since only one item number has to be maintained, rather than many, updates to base data is often significantly more efficient.

You can use the item dimension Configuration to assign different varieties of the same item to one “item configuration.” For example, you can use the configuration dimension to associate different models of the same item, thereby creating only one item number that includes all the models the item comes in.

To create an item configuration, click Inventory management > Setup > Dimensions > Item Dimensions > Configurations.

For items defined as “type: BOM,” the configuration dimension allows you to specify the components of all configurations of an item in one common Bill of material (BOM). Each BOM line is then assigned the relevant configuration group which will direct how each line is to be produced.

NOTE: To use the configuration dimension, the item must be a configurable item To do this, select the Configurable check box in the Item details form.

Lets take a mobile for demonstration.

Your Single Item is Samsumg Galaxy Mobile. Now, you can have configuration as;

  1. Single or Dual Sim. (Physical Visible chs)

  2. Touch Screen or QWERTY key Pad (Physical Visible chs)

  3. Android OS or BADA OS. (Physical in-Visible chs)

I hope this makes you clear about “configuration” of Item. If you have more simple and more practical example then you can share…

The configuration is BLACK or WHITE, the BOM has BLACK paint and WHITE paint. In the BOM we set each with a configuration group of BLACK or WHITE, against the BOM item and the configuration we set the configuration selection to tie configuration group WHITE to the WHITE paint and BLACK to the BLACK paint. Then when I load production depending upon whether I defined BLACK or WHITE to correct configuration of the BOM is applied.