what does trial balance show in AX?

Does trial balance show all of chart of accounts (main accounts) or does it show few accounts? is that pre-defined somewhere? Appreciate your feedback


In essence the TB shows every account, but in the common view this is a summarised balance with the ability to drill into the ledger accounts from the posted button. The summary of this is driven by dimension sets, so a couple of things here - make sure you tick the “Update Balances During The Posting Process”, otherwise you will have to manually update the balances from the top menu in teh dimension set form. Think that should work, but not a finance person I am afraid.

As Adam suggested, it shows you all the accounts. Otherwise what will be the use of trial balance.

However, you can set some filters on trial balance run such that it will display only a particular type like asset in report.

Secondly, you need to select dimension set where we define ledger dimension combination. We can select only main account and/or financial dimensions.

When you create dimension sets, click on initialize balance and update balance so that balance is effective.

AX 2012 has balance transfer rules and hence either place check mark on update balance on posting or you need to update and rebuild balance frequently.

Placing check mark on update balance during posting may have performance issues if the posting volume is very high but usually this is checked.