What does Navision need the most?

And Kim in my mind all NAV consultants and developers could benefit a lot from knowing what other consultants and developers think are the biggest issues with Navision. This way the are much more prepared to what is to come of requests from their customers.

Isn’t this only when you have forgotten to set the NOTBLANK property on the table?

That sounds like good collaboration and team spirit, however it would be best that we fixed the issues you all experience. The suggestions at connect is being monitored and as Rashed Amini experienced from the replies he gets, we cannot promise that they get approved for the next version. Requests through support will also end up in our queue.

In addition I can tell that Watson reports also is of great value. I myself has fixed a number of bugs reported through Watson reports. So whenever you see the application is sending information to Microsoft (often when it closes due an error) then you participate in fixing that bug.

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Hi Kim,

I think that it’s important always to split the requests into ERRORS and requests. Not many expect to get all their requests solved from Microsoft right away. But the real errors they should be solved and the person who reports them should get a message ASAP where MS confirms the error and that they will solve it (hotfix - next version or) - depending on severity.

As to the requests - or the reports about issues that people would like to have changed then I don’t that anyone expects that this is being changed at a certain date. But the problem arises where some customers think that something they report is an error, but other users and Microsoft doesn’t think it’s an error, because something was made that way by design. How to handle those?

What really interests me is not the errors that Microsoft says they are fixing. No, I’m really interested in hearing about the things that are not errors (or not confirmed errors). All the things that consultants and developers either reports to Microsoft or simply just fix for all their customers again and again. Not issues that cannot be fixed by a developer, because it’s limited to the functions in C/SIDE.

Yes, and most STD NAV tables do not have NOTBLANK this property set.

Which tables are that?

I looked at 5.x and 2k9 and it looks like they have enabled that property. I only found it in 5723 Product Group

5720 Manufacturer
5973 Service Contract Account Group
6635 Return Reason
6835 EP SharePoint Image Path
10010 IRS 1099 Form-Box
10015 GIFI Code
I think the NotBlank property is not enough, Most customers I see can do some basic dataports and can bypass this property. This property should be enforced when inserting through code as well.
While looking at tables I found table 5124 Current Salesperson and it is not used anywhere using Developer Toolkit.