What does it mean CLEARALL:- Clears all internal variables (except REC variables), keys, and filters in the object and i any associated objects?

Hi, am new to MS Dynamics NAV.

  1. CLEARALL: Clears all internal variables (except REC variables), keys, and filters in the object and in any associated objects?

  2. CLEARALL function works by calling CLEARALL inside the codeunit. It deletes the contents of the codeunit,?

Pls explain the above 2 points(highlighted in bold) related to CLEARALL function i haven’t understood.

Thank you.

Hi ,

By looking at all your question you need to refer the Navision standard manuals or online MSDN help

For manuals download you can contact your seniors in office they will download it from customersource/partnersource.

These manuals will surely help you to understand the concept of every function used in C/AL code.

Look at this link.This will help you


Thanks for ur quick replay and suggestion.

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  1. Clear All clear all the assosicate record variables it will not clear any values in the physical objects.

all the record variable forms reports and everything defined in that object will be cleared

  1. it will not delete any content in the buffer remove all the vairable and function parameter values in the memory… it makes all the values to zero ro null or equivalent in the back end only for that codeunit…

hope this answers the questions.


Thanks for ur reply,

What i understood, CLEARALL delete the contents of codeunits means, it initializes all variables to zero, not deleting a code in codeunit.

but what is associated objects word meaning??, is that record variables created in that object?