What does "In Service" mean?

In the inventory module we have items showing as “In service”, what does this mean? There is also “In Use”, and I can’t figure out what that is either.

Thanks for any help!

Is that all the field says or Is it an option field with other options? What’s the field name? Is is a custom field? When you click on it and hit F1 does it give you any details?

It shows the following in the Item Enquiry Screen,

On Hand…etc and there are also In Use, In Service, Damaged…we know exactly what the other qty’s are referring to but we show items “In Service” and we can’t figure out what this means so we not sure if they are being counted as part of our inventory or not.

Are you saying you have multiple Qty fields on your item card? Qty On Hand = X In Use = X In Service = X Damaged = X You can go into the item table and view the CalcForumulas to see what’s being added up. This looks like a custom field. I have nothing like that. Can you drill into these fields?