what does GL revaluation foreign currency option does? different result than AP and AR?

Hi All

How does GL foreign currency revaluation different from AP and AR currency revaluation. I mean, does we have different result?

Ex- I run foreign currency revaluation from AP and from AR, do I need to run from GL as well? does it show different result?

Please let me know asap



Hi Girish,

have u ran the exchange adjustment for the AR and AP modules??



Yes I did run currency revaluation for AP and AR modules. I was wondering, how GL currency valuation works… Does it show different result? or I have to run GL valuation after or before AP and AR?



GL currency valuation will be normally run for ledger accounts which are not AP and AR Ledgers. For AP & AR ledgers, the revaluation must be run from the respective modules and to re valuate the other ledgers you should the revaluation from the GL.

Thanks Santosh…

Lets take a example… If I want to revaluate USD bank account at the end of the month with current exchange rate. I run revaluation through GL (because this is not related to AP and AR) it does not show anything. I mean it was just blank report. could you please explain me this or take another example of your choice.



Have you checked the check box “currency revaluation” for the specific Ledger account which you are considering.

Hi, I do have some question.

At the end of period, I have to adjust all the ledger accounts in the system.

So I start with AP and AR foreign currency revaluation, then GL revaluation

my question is “Do i have to check foreign currency revaluation check box in main acc. of Acc. pay and Acc. rec. at the time I run AP&AR revaluation?”

and " Do I have to uncheck it afterward before I run GL revalue?"