What diff between Unicode and Non-Unicode

What is the main difference between Unicode and Non-unicode.

For what purpose it is used and which is the preferable one in sql server 2005

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Unicode is a character encoding system similiar to ASCII. You can see the definiton for Unicode by Unicode consortium below.

Unicode is the universal character encoding, maintained by the Unicode Consortium.

All strings and string functions in X++ support Unicode characters, so the strlen function returns
the number of Unicode characters in a string, not the number of bytes or double bytes
used to store the Unicode characters. Therefore, a string that contains only the treble clef
symbol, as shown earlier, has a string length of 1 rather than 2, even though it uses 2 double
bytes to store the single Unicode character.

Note In Dynamics AX 4.0 and Dynamics AX 2009, the application object cache file is named
.auc (application Unicode object cache). In earlier versions, it was named .aoc, which strictly
followed the naming conventions outlined in the table. The new name reflects the fact that the
objects are now stored in Unicode format.

The technology behind the label system is simple. All text resources are kept in a Unicodebased
label file that must have a three-letter identifier.



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