What date function to use while filtering data in an inquiry form

Hi All,

I am filtering date field of a query in query inquiry form using today() / day() / currentSessionDate( ).

My requirement :

I have data field from CustInvoiceJour in a query object while giving criteria to that date field I am giving

today() - 1…today() - 30 / day(-1)…day(-30) also I tried currentSessionDate() but no luck.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue…?

Thanks in advance.

And what’s the issue to fix?

Ah, I see, the issue is that none of your attempts is a valid range value at all. Use something like (dayRange(-1, -30)) instead.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply, I tried the dayRange(-1, -30)) but still I am seeing the date as today’s date in my query o/p

i.e. ((InvoiceDate = {ts ‘2014-10-02 00:00:00.000’}))


Please don’t let me still guess - explain what exactly you did and what’s the problem.

Sorry my bad, even though I used the (dayRange(-1,-30)) some how at the first attempt it was not stored and when used it 2nd time it stored and it worked fine.

Thank you Martin, I appreciate it.