What can "::"?

Ken anybody explain me what dose mean “::” in navision 5?


Hi Babak,

This operation is used to select an option value using the string label


Type on sales line (Table 37) - the option string is " ,G/L Account,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge (Item)" and this is stored as an integer so type “Item” is stored as 2 (starts at zero)


0 - ’ ’ (blank)

1 - G/L Account

2 - Item


So in Nav you could program (please don’t [;)])

if type = 2 then …

but if the option string changes the the code is incorrect so best practice is to use

if type = type::“Item” then…

and the software knows to lookup Item in the option string and return 2.

Look up option strings in the help

Hope this helps

Thank’s so much for help.