What are you using for Report Writing in NAV other than Pivoter and Jet Reports....

I am new to NAV and have been looking for a reporting tool that IS NOT Jet Reports, NOT Pivoter, and not the built in Object Builder/ Report Builder in NAV. I want something that will query the raw data from the SQL Server and generate basic accounting reporting. I have searched the web and no one has been able to answer this basic question. I just want to know what others are using for reporting other than the ones I mentioned. If I need to look into SSRS, then that’s fine, but where can I get training to use SSRS in conjunction with NAV. I have found training in SSRS and training in NAV, but no one has training that integrates both. Any help is appreciated.

You don’t need training that integrates both. Reporting training teaches you how to build reports, regardless of what table the data is in. If you want to build reports for NAV, then you have to know how the application works and what tables the data is in.You can learn the latter by zooming (Ctrl+F8) on records, and looking at filters to see how things are linked from one form to the next.

While they are certainly related, they don’t have to be taught together. If you require training in both at the same time then I would start with your NAV partner. A NAV partner with SQL knowledge is much more likely than a SQL company with NAV knowledge.

Unless you are involved in the business of doing this for customers, I would suggest to just purchase the license for a product that will meet your needs. Those companies have invested 1000’s of hours into R&D to create their products, you will not be able to come up with something even remotely like it on your own.

I used also these but i enjoy with these a lot. and there is no problem i find using these.


How about accessing SQL tables with a front-end tool like MS Access (provided you have proper permissions to do so)?

There are plenty of good solutions out there, but you would need to be a bit more clear in what you are looking for and why. A good starting point would be to explain what are the issues you have with the three you mentioned, which would then give us (the community) a better idea of which direction to head you in.

Hi Sergio,

I suggest you take a look at BI4Dynamics. BI4Dynamics is proper data warehouse solution with olap cubes. It pulls data out of NAV transfers it to separate Data warehouse, where data is transformed to proper structure (Kimball star schema), cleaned and then populated to the cubes.

You will be able to work with solution with no training at all if you know how to use pivot tables.

· BI4Dynamics covers following cubes: sales, purchase, inventory, receivables, payables, gl, account schedules, sales and purchase orders, service, manufacturing, jobs & resources.

· Vertical solution modules: LS Retail, Pebblestone Fashion.

You can check out:

· We offer free trial: http://www.bi4dynamics.com/en/downloads/112-trial (We offer free pilot projects to limit customer risk. You can test solution on your data. We offer free support to get you up and running. We will also provide you with some sample dashboards and reports for easier start and set up 1 hour free workshop to explain key features).

· On line demo: http://www.bi4dynamics.com/en/downloads

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any additional information. You can reach me at: kl@bi4dynamics.com or visit web for more info: www.bi4dynamics.com

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