What are the method called?

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I am tyring to document ‘methods’ called when ‘Movement Journal’ is posted. 2 Method i have found are ‘main’ and ‘newFromForm’ methods of ‘InventJournalCheckpost’ Class.

But this method also calld whn other journal like Profit,Transfer,BoM etc is posted.

After debuggin, i found correct object is created at runtime depending on callerForm n Args.

I want to which ‘classes’ and ‘methods’ have logic for a specific journal, like say, Movment journal?


i if you are trying to automate the posting of movement journal here is the code.

static void Job17(Args _args)

JournalCheckPost journalCheckPost;
JournalForm journalForm;

Args args = new Args();
//JournalForm journalForm;

journalCheckPost = InventJournalCheckPost_Movement::newJournalCheckPost(true,true,JournalCheckPostType::Post,tableNum(InventJournalTable),“IJ000086”);

if you want more details please tellme. hope this solves your problem.

Hi Madhusudan,

You have gave job for posting the Movement Journal.

I want know which class and method in ax decide, which journal to post?

the method are ‘main’ n ‘newformFrom’. How is teh correect journal determined at runtime?


Sorry for ttaht. bro.

If you see the InventJournalCheckPost class there is method newformfromForm() this method uses switch case to decide which movement journal has been called for exaample movement transfer ,p&l and BOm for all these cases the class InventJournalCheckPost_Movement is called and there is constructor method called newJournalCheckPost there i feel based on journal id it further decides whic journal to post correctly. more overe you can use code profiler to understand more about it.

Hi, I don’t write and speak english , I will try what you understand…

I read this mail , I will use this sentence “journalCheckPost = InventJournalCheckPost_Movement::newJournalCheckPost(true,true,JournalCheckPostType::Post,tableNum(InventJournalTable),“IJ000086”);
journalCheckPost.run();” in a program,

but I need to kwon how get the next journalid in a table inventjournaltrans , I want to know the method to get the next journalid automatically , please I need all sentences like variables, programming…, all

Please, tellme , this is urgent

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