what about work order In navision

Hi Experts,

what about work orders in Navision , how to handle work orders in navision.

In work orders u can find different types.

  1. customer (client ) has machine , that was stopped , so customer will send that Machine to out side for repair purpose .

for that supplier will charge for that .

Points : how to do this in Navision.

Like this u have different work orders.

currently how u are handling this situation in Navision .

Have you looked at Service? That is how you do it in Navision.

Thanks Steven sir,

service works when u sell the items to customer , if it got repair then he will submit it company(who is using Navision) , then company will create the service order for that customer to repair that item.

But My requirement is that we Implemented navision to company A , it is manufacturing company. This company has lot of machines.

when one machine struck , then company will send that machine for repair purpose to out side.

for that company will prepare the work order .

so how to handle this one in Navision.


From Company A side, it is NOT a Work Order, as the job is done by outside party.

If you happen to send together with machine the Defect list + work order FOR THEM to do, you may call it so, but its only heading on paper, not a Work Order from Navision point of view.

No such concept, and frankly it is irrelevant.

  1. Reduce the capacity of the machine appropriately.
  2. Raise a purchase order on the vendor providing the repair service.

That is basically it, you are not scheduling the vendors engineers, so why would you even consider the works order concept?

Thanks Steven,

In India every company call this process as Work order .

Please let me know how to handle this scenerio.

I did in the post above


You may call it whatever you want - here we have misunderstanding of terminology then.

Once more - what you described, is NOT A WORK ORDER from Navision point of view, or terminology. Steven told you already, how this scenario should be handled in Navision.

I would suggest you ask this question in the Indian Forum. If it used by EVERYONE I would guess the functionality is in the Indian layer. If not then all of your colleagues will have implemented it so can share the experiences they have had with it.