what about Undo receipt / undo shipment

Hi Folks,

I ma learning Axapata.

i would like to know the path for the undo receipt/ undo shipment in Axapta.

Please just throw the path.

There is no such functionality, therefore no menu option.

However entering a negative value in the deliver now field and posting the delivery note is teh same as the unship, same is true of the receive now in the purchase order.

Hi Adam ,

But it would additionaly consume one more packing slip number ?

It means assume Packing slip No - PACK 001 , Qty received - 10 PCS

later realised Qty should be 8 only , then as you suggested user will enter the - 2 in the receivenow field and post . Again system will create the one more packing slip as PACK 002 .

But client is not accepting the above solution to consume the packing slip No and also return order ( becuase it is user mistake ) and asking for any another solution to amend that received Qty ?

Can you guide me?

There is not another solution without significant modification in AX2009. Perhaps they prefer to load a purchase return - this gives them full traceability, then they can match the credit note to an invoice they would need to produce for the 2 they never received.

The packing slip is an internally referenced number ONLY - the point of it is to give you traceability. So your customer does not want traceability of the correction of a user error - is that what they are saying?


In AX 2012, there is feature for canceling packing slip in both AP and AR module.

Open the packing slip, which you posted. There is a button ‘cancel’. You can use cancel button to undo the product receipt.

Please note that the button is enable only until the PO/So is not invoiced.


I had forgotten about that in the new version, there is a correction as well, thanks Pranav.

Thanks pranav,

I dont have the software 2012 with me to test the resulsts as you said . Could you explain when we cancel what would be impact on Inventory and Packslip ?

Thanks in advance.


When you make a correction of product receipt, the system will reverse the inventory transaction with two entries : one with Issue status Sold and One with receipt status Purchased.Finally one entry with Receipt status as received for the correct quantity.

But one clarification: Is there an provision to enter the date of correction? I did the same transaction, system takes the current date.