Weird Website


Hi Tony As visitor 144 to that site I think you for enriching my life. [:D]

think=thank - if only I could type, perhaps I should stop staring at coffee cups!

I didn’t realise there was an NSC in Eastleigh. Now thats weird, because I come from Horton Heath, and now work some 200 miles away! Eastleigh, what a place I miss, Lucky Jims, Litten Tree. O well, I’ll be seeing it again this weekend!

Hi Tony Clearly you forgot Martines/Route 66/now nothing, and the Home Tavern, Earth, Stones - you can see why people head into Southampton. Horton Heath, isn’t that the Lapstone? Whatever did you do to ignore the other NSC’s in the area, Hamble, Southampton, and insist on travelling 200 miles away. Still if you get the time to stare at coffee cups all day perhaps you made the right decision!

Lapstone indeed, the place to Buy London Pride. I worked at the NSC that is now in Hamble a few years ago. And the one in Totton! Earth - That used to be the great Charlie Parkers didn’t it? They changed it and made it a little bit more modern I think!