Weird error message on dataport

Hi everybody, I had to create a dataport in 3.70. It was more complicated but at this point is based on Item table and export just the “No.”. Now the problem I have is the following: when I run it I get the following error message “The length of the source exceeds the size of the destination buffer”. And I get same error whether it is fixed format or variable. Now the weird thing is that the same dataport runs without a problem in a standard Cronus but not in the client’s db. So obviously is something with the data. And I even found which item no. it stops at but I cannot see what is wrong with it (less than 20 and regular chars only as far as I can tell). Has anyone ever encountered this? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

I guess You have a table with a quite long key. Right? There’s a limitation of how long strings that can be shown in a dialog. Set the property “Show Progress” to false and it will work fine for You. /Lars

Hi Lars, My first comment to your answer would have been that it is the standard Item table and primary key. But then I realized that it shows both the Item No. and the Description on the progress bar … And we extended the description to 250 characters … [xx(] So I took out show progress and works like a charm. [B)] Thank you very very very much [:)]… I mean I have 5 years of experience with Navision and I was getting really depressed that I cannot do a dataport for Item Nos [:I] Thanks again, Cristi Nicola

You’re welcome. I’ve been there too… But one might wonder why the description is shown also. Why not any other field? You can see the same behaviour if You open customer ledg. entries from the customer card. The customer No. AND the name is shown in the form, but it is only the Bill-to customer No. that is set up as DataCaptionFields on the form. Why that?

Because the property DataCaption fields for the Item table is set to: “No.,Description”. About the Customer Ledger Entries form (ID 25), the DataCaptionFields is set to “Customer No.” (not “Bill-to Customer No.”). When a filter which evaluates to a single value is applied to this field, the program will lookup the corresponding record in the related table (“Customer”) and use the values from the fields set as DataCaptionFields on this table (“No.,Name”). The online help has a nice description of how it works. But I assumed you knew this already…?!

Item Description = 250 characters! I don’t think this will be the only problem you’ll encounter… Good Luck [:)]


But I assumed you knew this already…?!

Actually I didn’t. Thanks!

You made my day, thanks. Same problem with customer-DB.