weight to squaremeter conversion problem in ax2009

Hi all,

We have kept conversion factor of 12.576kg for one squaremeter of 1.6mm cold rolled steel sheet. We receive sheets in

Kgs and inventory is kept in Square meter. When the actual material is received due to slight increase in thickness the area

received is less compared to standards. How to adjust the area received.

Ex: 1.6mm 5154 kgs received ( 1250 x 1510 - 214 sheets = 403.925 sq.mtr)

But as per conversion given area is 409.83 sq.mtr = 1250x 1510 -217 sheets)

How to account the 3 sheets. This variation is not consistent.



You really need the process add-on and the catch weight functionality so you can hold the item in dual units of measure of which one is weight. Without this you have a flat conversion in AX2009 and therefore the relationship is fixed. The alternative will be to hold the item in sheets, although I guess this will give you problems later in the process.