Website updated

Dear members,

I’ve spend the weekend upgrading the user group website to the latest released version of Community Server - version 2.1.

I have not only upgraded from version 2.0 to 2.1, but I’ve also changed the setup so it’s now running ASP.NET version 2.0 instead of ASP.NET version 1.0. I hope that you also feel it. The site has gotten much quicker!

The new version has a few new functions. One of the most notible is the Tags function. That is sort of a keyword function. You see the tags on most pages in the site now.

Other changes are that I now cannot seam to find out how to get the Blogs back on the frontpage. I’m still working on that…

Yes it looks like it went pretty smoothly. And definitely its faster.

One neat thing, (not sure if thats because of ASP.NET 2 or the CS upgrade, but… int heold version it was not possible to enter text in the reply window till the entire page had finished redraing. Now you can type immediately. That is a great improvement when you are on a slow internet connection.

Another thing I noticed as typing, is that spell checker in FireFox is now defaulted to YES,

One thing missing though. You added a change on the front page to allow view all the latest threads, can you add that back, it was great.

In general though, I really like the new layout, its cleaner and for sure faster.

I noticed on front page a box “My Discussions”.

Is there a possibility to connect that with “Last Active Threads” to show only my discussions that has new replies?

Or at least to show last post date/time…

Khm… where is “Active Threads” in upper main menu? :frowning:

Well, it’s coming it’s coming! Just have to find the code again… [:D]

Well I found it. The “Active Posts” is back!

danke :slight_smile:

The page layout of the active posts is a bit out of whack. The left column takes up almost half the page, and I don’t see the forum titles anymore. Could you at elast add the titles back in, so I don’t open threads that I am not interested in?

Other than that it feels a bit quicker, although I still have to wait until the whole page loads before I can start typing.

Hmm now in IE7 and I had to load the full page before I could type…

Now in firefox, but the page i snow loading too fast for me to see the delay [:(]

I could start typing right away (I’m in firefox btw), but then after a second it lost focus, and I had to click in the window to be able to type again

Yep you’re right. I think that its just sooo much faster than the old version, that it looked like I was able to type before a complete redraw.

Posting is really fast now [:D]

You’re welcome…

Hi Daniel,

I agree. The new Active Posts view is not as good as the old. I’m going to try if we can use the old page in this version.

Thanks [Y]

Hi Daniel,

Well now I think it’s back there! [:P]

I noticed that right when I logged on, Thanks very much [H]