Website setup which interacts with Navision

Good afternoon all,

Not sure this is the correct location to ask, but I’m looking to get a website up which interacts with our Navision client, and wanted to know if there are resources to assist me with that. I need to find someone with the knowledge of the webdesign end of things as well as the NAvision communication. Any direction would be grateful, even if of just some sites that currently do this.

Thank you in advance

Hi Fernando,

I think you can do that via web service. The links below may help you.

Talking with Navision: Exposing .NET Components to Navision:

Talking with Navision: Accessing Navision Business Layer through a Web Service:


Thank you for the reply,

I’m actually looking for direction on finding someone who is able to set it up. I do not have the experience in this kind of design.


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