Website Integration issues.


I would like to put forward a situation here I am currently dealing with and ask some good advice before I go ahead. Our company has its own website on one database and we are planning to move NAVISION 5 near soon. The architecture I am thinking of holding the entire customer related data into NAVISION so there will be only one data repository for customer related data. All other Items (Stock) related stuff I keep it in existing database. It can be done by populating stocks every 2-3 minutes from NAVISION and make them available on website. Now there will be two scenarios, first either I put these two databases in one machine and avoid cross platforms queries that will make system slow down eventually or second option is to have two separate machines one hold website stock related stuff and the other machine contains Navision system database. Bear in mind that in second scenario the entire website customer still sees Navision database. So the question is which is the best option and if there is any person out there who come across this issue where you have your own website database source by some depository (for instance Navision) and stand alone Navision database.