Did anybody worked with this situation before. Running the new Navision Attain license file with Navision Financial 2.60. We are planning to upgrade but not ready yet and our license is expiring. When I put in the new Attain license, WebShop is not able to function anymore as it complain the permission error. Does anybody have any solution to work around this? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Steven.

Hi Steven I had a problem with Webshop, using a customer license running 3.6 instead of my own licese, the customer license did not have access to the Web shop, but entries were in the table and areas such as the sales order line tried to read the table. By deleting the entries in tht Web Shop table our issue was resolved. Does this sound the same - or are you actually using WebShop and in the new version do not have rights to it? (in which case it is a license issue!)

I am Actually using WebShop. With the new version they don’t have WebShop any more. Do you know how to get the WebShop permission added to the license?

Hi Steve You will need to go back to your NSC and ask for a correct license to be issued by the NTR.

I will do that and thank you very much for your help. Steven.