Webshop web pages auto-creation problem

Regards, I’m modifying the code of a Navision 2.60 with webshop database for allowing the users having the web pages automatically created in some cases (creation of different classes of products). All was almost working (adding to the pages, adding the links in the sub-menues, etc…) but i’ve found a problem that it’s making me become crazy (a bit more). The problem is in the Product Filter field for a product list web page (i’m talking about inside navision code all time…not having problems yet with the asp files). When setting the value to a new page property record and type Product filter i’m making the same (i hope) changes the standard program does when setting that value by hand… but when setting the value by code the changes are not reflected on the web page… and if u go to the record on the page properties form, cut the value set by the code and paste it again the filter is applied also in the web page (i’ve added a line on the asp file where it shows the filter taken and when setting by code it has nothing as filter, filling the filter correctly when setting manually). Anyone has found something similar? How did you solve it? Any suggestion? (Marcus, I’m sure you’ll like this one and probably test it by yourself… lol) – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain

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The compilated properties table was the problem… just needed making a COMMIT for ensuring all previous changes have been done to the database and then creating the compilated property… Problem solved :slight_smile: – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain