Webshop experieance ?1

I the any other customer who use the Navision Web Shop, without Soccer Club BREMEN ?! I miss the new NEWS about the Webshop, or is it so worse ?! Anyone have some other opinions ?!

http://www.bamamed.de > > http://nsc.navision.de/navitique > > http://www.werder-online.de > > http://www.basilica.co.uk

Allright there are other installations. BUT WHAT ARE THE EXPERIENCES SO FAR? Is it really so good? Was it worth the wait? Is it worth the cost - or could you do the same thing without Webshop and just use Navision with the Microsoft SQL Server option directly? ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

I feel that Webshop is good for the ‘small time’ user. The big ‘dot-com’s’ want customisation. They want their web site independent of their backend financials. Ideally, they would like a gateway that would allow their .asp etc. able to post transactions directly to Navision. To this end, we have found Webshop unsuitable to a large ‘dot-com’ down here, and are currently looking at ways to allow them to interface directly into the Navision DB residing on SQL Server. Stay tuned…