WebShop - error in SiteServer object

We have implemment WebShop and found an error in one of Site Server object. When basket contain more then 10 items, items are going to rotate with each basket view. For example, if on third position is chair, then I go to catalog and then go into basket again, the same chair is not on the third position, but on sixth position. When I click on basket link again, items rotate up again. The problem is in mscsForm object. This object contains items from basket and each item has index (1, 2, …). Theese indexes are 2. But 1 of them is not integer, but probably string type, and after that the number goes not as 1,2,3,…, burt 1,10,11,12,2,3,… Does anybody has experience with this. When I saw on existing Navision WebShop solutions on web, every WebShop has this problem, so I think, nobady knows about that or nobody solve this. Thanks for answers Eiki Junges Higaki Product Manager WEBCOM s.a. Masna 4 702 00 Ostrava Czech Republic Tel: +420 69 611 6149 Fax: +420 69 611 5779 E-Mail: higaki@webcom.cz Internet: http://www.webcom.cz