Webshop doesn't create quotes

I have an experimental webshop installation. When I’m trying to buy sth, add stuff to basket, click Update total, the message appears “There are no items in your order.” Nothing happens in NF. Do you have any suggestions besides “uninstall all services and try to reinstall”? You can take a look Link Lukasz Edited by - lukask on 7/13/00 4:51:19 PM

Looks great. Can you set up a user login for us to try?? Paul Christensen Senior Appl./Network Analyst Moss Motrs, Ltd. 800.235.6954 x3210

The thing is that a new customer should be able to create his/her own new account via WWW.

I have experienced this myself before. Your problem is, and I know it sounds funny, but it is the Site Server setup that is incorrect. When browsing the site, use the real server name as created in IIS instead of localhost. Site Server misbehaves when using “localhost”. Give it a try and tell me what you experienced.