Can We Publish System Codeunit Like ID - 80 Sales Post or others Same??

I mean any of the CodeUnit whoes Id is below 50000??

Pages & Codeunit can be published.

Pages & Codeunit can be published.

that i know. but have you ever tried to publish system codeunit??? like codeunit id 18. or any other whoes id is below 50000???

I tried but not getting published???

Codeunit 18 ? hmmm

And what’s the error ?

Http Error 500. …

Means Service Not Found…

Is your web service running?

Are you able to see other codeunits/pages?

I publish My Own Codeunit

ID:= 50001 Name:= MyCustomization

and yup i got dis in my webservice

and i can also see pages i published…

but i cant see system’s codeunit… hope u get my point.