WebService consuming from a temporay table

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a page, which its source table is temporary. The source table is one created by myself. The page is this:

And the oData url is filtered, this way:

http://xxxxxxxxxx:7068/DESA/ODataV4/Company(‘ZZZZ%20EUROPE%20S.L.U.’)/AppItemPrice?$filter=Insize_User eq ‘FI159’

In the onOpenPage of the page, I call to a function that creates entries on the table.


But when I add the URL into the brower, I’m not getting any result.

I think that propably I0m not getting correctly the filter from the URL…

Any hint about this??

THbak you all, hope you are all healthy!

I addet his to get the filter from the URL:


But still get the result empty…

Data in temporary tables is not stored in the database, but in your session’s memory. There is nothing for the webservice to show.

I’ve solved it passing the Rec to the function

Thank you!