Webserivices in 3.7

Hi Folks…

I’m just looking for confirmation…

Is it possible to use webservices on Nav 3.7 to consume or publish? I’ve seen many post stating that it is possible - However they are quite old post!!

3.7 database

5.0 executables



Do you mean easily exposing something via web service in NAV by publishing it like in NAV 2009? No, you can’t do that in 5.0.

If it is a SQL database, you can probably create a web service that connects to it. It just won’t be as easy.

Hi Matt…

It is a SQL Database, are there any links you can point me to?

(good book by the way)

I would just start on MSDN. I have never done them myself, but I think you just create a stored procedure and an endpoint. Past that, as far as best practices, what to do if it is exposed external to the company, etc. I cannot help with.