Webcasting Services

Good morning everyone. As most of you know Navision used to offer the Web Ex online meeting services free of charge. Now Microsoft has taken that away and is pointing partners to use Microsoft Live Meeting for a hefty price. Has anyone found a solution that is cost effective and works well?

I’m also investigating: http://www.glance.net/ http://www.expertcity.com/ please reply later on when you’ve decided which one to use

Hi Erik, why not using VNC ? It is free, less confusing with installation

I’m looking for a solution to help a person who has a problem in Navision directly. Example: Ok, you can’t create an invoice! - Could you please go to this internet site and click on … - What’s the session number? I type in this number on my pc and we are both looking at the same screen… No installation needed, maybe a simple java or activex appl.

Why not use netmeeting it is present on most windows OS or can be downloaded

I’ve heard about this option in Netmeeting, haven’t tried it yet because on company networks not all ip ports are open. I need something that can travel through http 80.

I think what you guys really need is WebEx, but it just isn’t free. You can use WebEx on a pay as you go scheme also, its cheaper than getting in the car and driving out to the client.

I too have been searching for the “perfect solution for remote support.” NetMeeting doesn’t work with Win2k and also (as far as I can tell) requires a public IP address. Also, there is an issue with “ports” in the router. I have found LapLink Everywhere (www.laplink.com). It gives some remote control on a subscription basis. Not too expensive. I have also found PlantDNS.net has a decent program. If anyone finds anything else, posting it here would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark.

Yes, www.webex.com is an option too. Plantdns.net is this a correct url?

Arrggghhh! No it’s not a correct url… www.planetdns.net One of these days I’ll learn to type!

I’ve had some success with www.genesys.com. For a small monthly fee, I have unlimited access to features similar to Webex.