Web users / Sessions

We have a Prospect who wants all the Users to access Navision through the Web (i.e 30 web users) and accordingly we need 30 Web users , Do we need 30 Navision sessions (Navision users) to enable the 30 web users to access the Package. Please clarify this Immediately. Thanks Surya

No, the number of possible users and the number of sessions have no direct relationship, other than that you cannot have more concurrent users than you have sessions. In other words, when you have bought a license for 10 sessions, you can setup access to the system for 100 different users if you would want. But no more than 10 out of those 100 can be working on the system at the same time. John

But depending on the technology you use to access the Navision database you should be looking at the two granules: 1,200 Session 2,310 Web User /Each as there is a difference in the price. /Soren

This is actually explained in the Price List Explanation document, which comes with each new version of the price list. Here is the explanation: Granule 1200 Each session gives a user access to the solution. In a multi-user installation, the client/server structure and the operating system (if it can process multitasking) enable you to work in more than one session and allow multiple users on different computers at the same time. It can therefore be useful to install more than one session per user. - If a user in a network starts Navision Attain once, the system uses one session. - If a user starts Navision Attain twice, the system uses two sessions. - If two users each start Navision Attain once, the system uses two sessions, and so on. For each instance of C/ODBC or C/FRONT use, one additional session is required. Granule 2310 Each Web User gives an internal casual user access to the solution. A Web User does not require much transactional performance of the solution, and therefore fits the concept of browser usage, which this user primarily will be. An internal user is an employee or contractual worker working for the legal entity that has acquired the solution.A Web User is a named user. Each internal user needs one (1) Web User to access the solution with any device. Configurations of Web Users are independent from the configuration of Sessions, C/OCX, C/ODBC and C/FRONT. The required number of Web Users is not reduced by the use of software or hardware that decreases the number of devices or internal users directly accessing the solution (sometimes called multiplexing or pooling). The required number of Web Users is equal to the number of internal users that access the front end of the solution. Only one (1) Web User is required per internal employee regardless of the access to the solution. This includes, but is not limited to, access via the Application Server, any other third party application servers and any other multiplexing and pooling software and hardware. This excludes those Navision products or agreements made explicitly with third parties, for which another type of user exists. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Software development today is a race between the programmers trying to make better and more foolproof programs, and the universe trying to make bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.