Web Shop on W2k

(Topic belongs to RASMUSSKOVs question; Sorry Erik;() Hi! Not really succesfully. We tried to install Navision Webshop 2.60 on a german W2k server. But everytime we wanted to browse our shopping basket, we got the error that there were no items. Which error messages Edited by - orlando on 2001 Apr 16 23:14:24

I had NWS running on W2K Server/Adv Server. I did not face problems AFTER installation such as you describe, but more that the installation in terms of service packs for Site Server (ss3w2k.exe)and the order of installing components etc. was a tough one. You need to dig up a lot of obscure documentations from MS first. However as much as my installation was working fine, it was NOT a production system.