Web Shop 2.60 on Win2000

Hello Folks! I have some big problems with the Fin Web Shop, installed on a Win2000 Server (SQL7.0, SiteServer3.0 and SiteServerCommerce3.0). The installation finished without any engraving error messages. But during browsing the Shop, I get the error, that there are no items in my order. Please help!!!

As you properly know then this is NOT SUPPORTED by Navision. But I’ve heard of people who have succeed and where it’s running fine. As far as I remember, it’s something about that you have to install it on NT 4.0 first, and then upgrade to W2K. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Hi Ernst! Why should they NOT SUPPORT WebShop on Win2K - you get a ready developed GLOBAL.ASA for the use WITH Win2K… Any other suggestions?

Of cause they should (seen from a users point), but they are NOT SUPPORTING it. Look at page 3 in the Web Shop Setup and System Management guide. But that doesn’t mean that it will not work, it’s just harder and don’t expect any support/help from Navision to set it up. I hope you can get the support you need in this forum instead. I’ve heard that they will release an upgrade to Web Shop supporting Commerce Server 2000 (Site Server, Commerce Edition is no long a product). Last thing I heard is that they are testing it internally. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Web Shop must run on Windows 2000 Domain Controller. Otherwise the message queue isntalled will only be a dependednt client. Run the DCpromo, uninstall Message Queue, install it again. This time, your Ms Queue will be PEC not dependent client anymore. Pls note, WS use Public queue rather tahn Private queue. It works very well. In fact I never use NT Server anymore as the Web Shop installation on NT is very troublesome. with 2000 server, Web shop installation is very very easy. goodname

Webshop Doesn´t need Wndows 2000 Domain Controller, but when you want to have WebShop on Windows2000 server, this server must be connected into domain, where domain controller is Windows 2000 server and Active Directory is installed. Eiki Junges Higaki Product Manager WEBCOM s.a. Masna 4 702 00 Ostrava Czech Republic Tel: +420 69 611 6149 Fax: +420 69 611 5779 E-Mail: higaki@webcom.cz Internet: http://www.webcom.cz