Web Services Question

Hi All,

I’m following this walkthrough to the letter, step by step. It completes without error.

I can connect to the NAV webservice list in VS C# and refer to the web reference.

However, having created the CodeUnit, when I attempt to register the WebService in the RTC, it doesn’t find it?

Click here to see both screens.

As per other posts, it seems no matter what I do in the Classic Client, the changes aren’t reflected in the RTC!

Please help! All I am trying to do is develop a method to put information from an external source into the NAV Purchase Invoice list here.

Many thanks to anyone who can help me out.


Just check whether you are accessing same database from classic and RTC?

Yes, I am only using the CRONUS data.

Not the data…database…

Create a new Item or Modify any existing item description field in Classic and check whether the changes are reflecting in RTC…

And try the below


My mistake, I wasn’t connecting to the right place. [:$]

Please see my other post regarding adding to the Purchase Invoice list.