Web Service (Page) Method Security

Hi All,

I am working on Web Service of NAV 2009. I have created new page and exposed as web service.

In MSDN its mentioned that

"When a page is exposed as a Web service, a default set of eight methods is exposed to developers so that they can manage common record handling, such as Create, Update, and Read."

Now I want to expose only read method of that page. How can we secure some method from being expose in web service.

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I would look at Page Properties. Pages have properties like Forms for Insert allowed, Modify allowed. You can go to the last blank line when you are editing the pages and see the properties and change them.

Hello Rashed,

Thank for your reply. I have exposed employee list page as web service and when I checked properties of employee list page, Insert Allowed, Modify Allowed and Delete Allowed properties are set to YES.

But when I check the method available in web service, only read method is available.

Can you please help me in this.


any help?

List Pages cannot be used for Modification. Use Employee Card instead.