Web Service Authentication Error

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a Web Site using ASP.NET, which call a NAV 2009 SP1 web Service and returns some data.

The application works fine when I run it via IE on my local system - the site is published in IIS , the NAV Server (web service ) and the SQL DB all reside on the my local system.

I have set the ASP.net web site to use Windows Authentication and the ASP.net code uses the ws.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

The problem occurs when I try accessing the web site from a different system on our LAN - we get a User ID or password is invalid error. The UserID is present in the DB with SUPER role- works fine using RTC…

I am quite new to .NET so any help in the Web App config will be welcome - I am sure there is something very trivial/stupid that I am missing [:)]

Have you used the machine name insted of the IP address in asp.net.

Hi, i think that the problem may be a security delegation problem.

-try to use te same user for WEB Services and SQL Server Service; if not possible set a dedicated user for Web Services and a Network Services for SQL,

-register SPN for Web services and for SQL mapping User to SPN on SQL Port; after try to call the page from internet

-with registered SPN the web page with web services trust the security connection on intranet. you cau use KERBTRAY.EXE to test kerbers tickets released on intranet.

all installed on same system works because system don’t use delegation to connect SQL to Web Services.

Hi Horizon,

The system from which you want to access the webservice should have the windows authentication permission to access the NAV 2009 SP1 database. Provide windows authentication to that system also to access your navision 2009 SP1 database.

Did you add the users in Windows Authentication setup of navision? Tools–.Security–.windows Authentication?

The system that you are using for web services must allow you to access windows authentication to NAV 2009 SP1 database.