Web part in User Portal

I´m trying to build a new web part for User portal. The problem is that it doesn´t show, and I don´t know if the Dataport in Navision has the right setup or if it´s in the XML, XSL, the problem lies. If there is somebody how has anything to respond pleas do! I´m kind of desperate!

Hi Writing new xml and xsl files is not enough for creating a new web part. Did you regenerate the dashboards with the InstallDashboards.js script? Toni

You also must generate new ddb and dwp files in the NSWebpart\Dashboard Folder for your new Webpart and enter them in the InstallStructure.xml file before running the InstallDashboards.js script.

Thanks for the replys! But i fixed it. I didn´t know Navision was casesensitive. I´m kind of new too the program.

The remark on “case sensitive” is excellent - I was working on the Navision example webpart of the manual and couldn’t make it work as I could not register the new webpart in Digital Dashboard… because I didn’t pay attention on capital or small letter. In fact, it’s xml and I guess Digital Dashboard that are casesensitive - would be new to me that Navision is casesensitive. Thanks for the hint anyway. Regards Nils Best Regards Nils Michaelis Real Soft AG, Switzerland

Hello Yes, XML —and so XSL— is by construction case-sensitive. This makes me think about code pages: when Navision exports data in XML format, what code page uses? Prior to User Portal it was cp850 (i.e., DOS codepage); but this is an encoding not directly supported in XML. The XML files generated by Navision don’t have ``encoding’’ attribute, so a decent XML reader will assume it is unicode… But is Navision really generating unicode? Toni


This makes me think about code pages: when Navision exports data in XML format, what code page uses?

Whatever you want. Try this:

childNode := xmlDoc.createProcessingInstruction ('xml', 'version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"');
xmlDoc.appendChild (childNode); 

With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Hi Marcus I think that the `encoding’ attribute from the element is just a declaration, but it doesn’t mean that the actual encoding of the file is the one specified… Toni