Web Interface with navision.

Hi there, I would like to get some opinion for the best approach to achieve the following in navision with web interface. We’ve got the customer who is using navision 3.70 as client but the objects are 3.01 and the server is MSSQL. They’ve been using the system for a while and it’s working perfectly. They’ve got some remote users accessing the system through CITRIX, which also works OK. The remote users are basically the agents who sell to the end-users (customers) and the agents record the sales orders back in navision. Now, they have a lot of customers and would like to let them to place orders directly in navision. Therefore they want to develop the web interface, which would talk to navision and let users to create orders directly and this is an area I would like to get some of yours opinions. The number of customers is around 200,000. Some of them are only one time customers and some place order regularly. At any given time they expect at most around 1000 concurrent users entering orders. The order contains only a couple of line items. The business logic behind the entering of the orders should be the same as placing orders directly in navision. The questions are: 1. Can this be achieved with navision? 2. What do we need to consider and be aware of? The response time in the web is very important. It should be as fast as possible. 3. Is there anybody who has done this kind of interface and it works? 4. What would the best approach to do this? (Multiple NAS, MSMQ etc…) 5. Could we use user portal? How much would be the cost for the web users? 6. What are the limitations for the future? 7. Do we need to replicate the navision business logic in the web interface module? Thanks for your suggestions. Kind Regards,

Sounds like an expensive request. Your first option could be to upgrade them and use Commerce Portal. It can handle that many users. Average Commerce Portal project is about 100 K in software and hardware. By the time you are finished with the project it’ll be around 6 months. By that time Navision 5 would be out and it’s web enabled. Probably cost a lot less, and it would be cost effective and scalable for 1000 users. There is also scrip server, but I don’t know how high they can scale, and its cost is around 12 K.

1st. :Yes, one can develop a web server in Navision using plain C/AL code and Navision Socket Bus Adapter and ComCom. 2nd.: Navision is a single threaded application and therefor can handle only one connection after the next one. 3rd.:Yes, me 4th. see above 5th. Would be expensive. Could be done with one NAS license 6th. You can do almost everything with that 7th. No replication needed.

Is this about business to business sales? I have seen a system like the one you want for Navision 2.01, and it worked very well technically. The only problem was that they were doing business to business sales. Their clients already had to record their purchases in their own system and didn’t bother to fill in the sales order too. They just send in their order by fax which was easier. So in the end the system was discontinued.

Jozef : You may want to check out the web access solution from http://www.kloster-import.dk/ Best Regards From France, Tarek Demiati